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Daily Briefing: Wednesday’s”News of the Week in Review”.(August 7, 2019)


Swearing in of William Daroff to US Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad by Chairman Warren Miller (Source:.Wikipedia)

                   WEEKLY QUOTES

“Here is the great difference between the British and American political classes. The British political leadership was obtuse, arrogant, and bumbling, and tried to terrorize the country against Brexit. But they have operated within the law and parliamentary rules. The president’s opponents have committed crimes, including the confection and propagation of the falsehood that the president has committed crimes. The Democrats will pay the price of mortal political error.” – Political columnist and author Conrad Black comparing the tactics used by opponents of Brexit and President Donald Trump. (American Greatness, Aug. 1, 2019)

“Whoever is on the side of Israel, let everyone know that we are against them.” — said Erdogan while addressing senior provincial officials from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Ankara. The remarks came amid a new wave of Israeli crackdown in the occupied Palestinian territories as regime forces continue with demolition of illegal Palestinian houses in occupied areas in the West Bank and in the Jerusalem al-Quds. (PressTV, July 27, 2019)

“Only revolution at this point is going to defeat Donald J. Trump. Only people rising up, and doing the work that needs to be done, is going to remove him from office. Our side needs to treat Trump seriously. He’s not a joke anymore. He’s the real deal and he humiliated all of us by losing the election and then being given the keys to the Oval Office.” – Far left agitator and filmmaker Michael Moore told Brian Williams on MSNBC after the second debate (Commentary Magazine, Aug. 5, 2019)

“On Saturday afternoon, two boys wearing kippot, or Jewish skullcaps, were walking near the Garnet A. Williams Community Centre in Thornhill [Toronto] when another youth approached them and began swearing at them from behind. As the Jewish boys tried to leave the area, the youth punched one of the Jewish boys in the face and proceeded to follow him and his friend for some distance before fleeing the scene.” — says B’nai Brith Canada. The organization notes that “the victims were unable to record the incident because it took place on the Sabbath when observant Jews do not carry electronic devices such as cellphones,” adding that “one of the victims later visited the emergency department to seek treatment for his injuries.”  The assailant was a black youth in his late teens.  (United With Israel, Aug. 5, 2019)

“The Dutch National Railway (NS) compensation program is a significant acknowledgement of the role the NS played during WWII in the suffering endured by Dutch Jews transported on NS trains.” —said Gideon Taylor — chair of operations of the Jerusalem-based World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) in a statement confirming that the Dutch National Railway — Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) — had taken an “important step” with its announcement of an application process aimed at compensating Dutch Holocaust survivors, their spouses and their children for NS’s role in deporting Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II. (Algemeiner, Aug. 2, 2019)

“I was not surprised at all when I heard his name on the news yesterday.  We predicted he would do this 10 years ago. … He had a kill list that was mostly guys and then a rape list that was mostly girls. … In the texts, and on the lists, he talked about destruction and dismemberment. I mean how did the police not know he was going to do something like what he did this weekend? Everyone knew he was not right.” — Jessica Masseth who attended Bellbrook High School in Ohio with mass murderer Connor Betts.  After receiving numerous threatening texts from Betts, she notified the police.  Betts, 24, killed nine people, including his sister, and injured 26 others on a Dayton street. Police killed him before he murdered more. (Daily Beast, Aug. 6, 2019)

“But there is no issue on this orbiting Earth, nor has there even been, that has the burden and depth, the volume and intensity of the rawest hypocrisy … as that of global warming. … This week the richest of the rich, the famousest of the famous, the most pretentious of the pretentious, convened a three-day summit in a high-luxury resort on the island of Sicily to — discuss? bemoan? illustrate? — the crisis of climate inflammation wrought by fiendish fossil fuels. … How did this coven of illuminati get to Sicily? Did they walk and row? Come by Greyhound? Hitchhike? Nein. Official count of the private jets wafting into Palermo air for the “great consult” stands at 114. This for a maximum 300 people attending — three persons per jet. Not all came from the carbon-rich sky. Some came by personal super-yacht. … These are not self-propelling bathtub toys. Outside of aircraft carriers and (“hi, irony”) supertankers, none want oil more. Super-yachts are vultures, gluttonous for fossil fuels. They can be rivalled only by the excesses of private jets flying thousands of miles to hold meetings to persuade the poor of the world to cut down on the consumption of fossil fuels.” – Political columnist Rex Murphy responding to the 3-day climate change summit that attracted an exclusive, wealthy group of celebrities, such as Prince Harry.  (National Post, Aug. 2, 2019)


                                           SHORT TAKES


JORDAN CLOSES AARON’S TOMB AFTER JEWS SEEN PRAYING AT SITE (Amman) — Aaron’s Tomb in Jordan was closed by the nation’s Ministry of Awqaf Islamic Affairs and Antiquities after the “illegal entry” of Jews to the site without the knowledge of the ministry, according to Arab media. The decision to close the site was made after Israeli tourists were filmed performing “Jewish rituals” at the site, according to the Turkish Anadolu Agency. It was also decided that all visitors would have to obtain approval from the Awqaf in the Ma’an Governorate before entering. (Jerusalem Post, Aug. 5, 2019)



IRAN UNVEILS THREE NEW ‘PRECISION GUIDED MISSILES’ AND WARNS OF THE ‘MOTHER OF ALL WARS’ IF THE US ATTACKS AMID TENSIONS IN THE GULF (Tehran) — While stressing that Tehran is willing to negotiate over its nuclear programme, Rouhani said that America must drop all sanctions before the country will talk. Among the new weapons unveiled by Tehran was a guided missile dubbed Yasin, which has folding wings and is designed to be fired from a drone. Another newly-developed weapon was the Balaban, which Iran said could be fired from an aircraft before being guided to its target using GPS and other sensors. Finally, the defence ministry unveiled an updated version of the heat-seeking Ghaem missile, which is also designed as an air-to-air weapon, the Fars news agency said. (Daily Mail, Aug. 6, 2019)



US SANCTIONS IRANIAN FOREIGN MINISTER ZARIF (Washington) — The U.S. sanctioned Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, following through on a weeks-old threat that is likely to elevate already heightened tensions with Iran. Senior administration officials said that the designation was due to Zarif’s actions on behalf of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, whom the administration sanctioned in late June. (CNN, July 31, 2019)



TRUMP DEFENSE CHIEF SEES RISING SUPPORT FOR US PLAN TO COUNTER IRAN (Washington) — A U.S.-led plan to police the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz against perceived Iranian aggression will soon gain the commitment of several ally and partner countries, Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters.  Esper said representatives from more than 30 countries attended a conference earlier this week at U.S. Central Command headquarters in Florida to discuss Operation Sentinel, a coalition of nations meant to safeguard shipping lanes in the Middle East. The Trump administration has asked France, Germany, Australia, Japan and South Korea to contribute to the U.S.-led Operation Sentinel, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed last week. (The Hill, Aug. 3, 2019)



ISRAEL, US TEST MISSILE DEFENSE IN ALASKA (Alaska) — U.S. and Israeli officials say tests in Alaska of a jointly developed missile defense system have been successful. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Arrow-3 shield tests give his country the ability to act against ballistic missiles fired from Iran and from any other location. The U.S. Missile Defense Agency called the Arrow 3’s interception abilities a “major milestone.” (VOA, July 28, 2019)



AMB. DERMER ENCOURAGING NEW RABBINICAL GROUP TO IMPROVE US-ISRAEL DIALOGUE, REPORT SAYS (Jerusalem) — Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer is encouraging a coalition of American rabbis representing the three major streams of Judaism in order to improve deteriorating relations between Israel and American Jews, particularly among the conservative and reform movements, Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon reported last week. Behind the initiative is Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt, President of the Rabbinic Cabinet of the Jewish Federations of North America and senior rabbi of Congregation B’nai Tzedek in Potomac, Maryland, the paper says. (WIN, Aug. 4, 2019)



ADELSON: ‘I’LL NEVER MEET BIBI AGAIN (Jerusalem) — The billionaire owner of Israel’s most widely read newspaper has completely fallen out with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Channel 13 News reported Sunday, based on excerpts of his last police interrogation regarding the alleged fraud and breach of trust case known as Case 2000. Netanyahu is suspected of crossing the legal line when he allegedly tried to curb the popularity of Sheldon Adelson’s free daily, Israel Hayom, by attempting to pass a law in 2014 forcing all newspapers to charge for their product. This was reportedly part of a deal for more positive coverage for him and his administration in the rival Yediot Ahronot paper. Adelson, who had been close to the prime minister for years and whose paper was (and remains) very pro-Netanyahu, was furious at what he saw as a betrayal. (WIN, Aug. 5, 2019)



JONATHAN POLLARD: ‘MY WIFE IS SERIOUSLY ILL, ASKING FOR HELP’ (New York) — Former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard told Channel 12 News in an interview on Monday that he has asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to intercede with United States President Donald Trump to ease restrictions on his movement so he can care for his wife, who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. The Prime Minister’s Office responded to the Pollard’s interview on Monday night: “Israel remains committed to Jonathan Pollard’s return. The prime minister will continue to work toward his return to Israel.” (Arutz Sheva, Aug. 5, 2019)



A COLD CASE TEAM IS SEARCHING FOR WHO BETRAYED ANNE FRANK (Netherlands) – After more than two years of hiding above her father’s warehouse, Anne Frank and seven others were discovered by Nazi German and Dutch officials on August 4, 1944. The search for who—or what—might have exposed their location continues 75 years later. Today, historians, data scientists, and even a cold-case forensic team are using new technology to identify the informant—with some suggesting that, perhaps, Frank was discovered by accident. (National Geographic, Aug. 2, 2019)



MAJOR STUDY IDENTIFIES DOZENS OF INFLUENTIAL ANTI-ISRAEL TWITTER ACCOUNTS DEFENDING UK’S CORBYN (London) — A new study has found that much of the antisemitic and anti-Israel content on Twitter related to the UK’s Labour party is driven by only 36 accounts intensely supportive of the party’s leader Jeremy Corbyn. The group of accounts, called the “Engine Room” in the report, are “amongst the most influential accounts on Twitter in engaging with online conversations about Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, and antisemitism,” with large numbers of followers and substantial influence over the online discourse on the subject. (Algemeiner, Aug. 4, 2019)



BELGIAN COLUMNIST IN HOT WATER FOR SAYING JEWS ARE ‘CREATURES’ WITH ‘UGLY’ NOSES (Brussels) — A police complaint was filed against Dimitri Verhulst a Belgian columnist writes in the leftist newspaper De Morgen after he referred to Jews as “ugly,” derided the Jewish concept of chosenness, and accused Israel of “murdering” thousands of Palestinians in a July 27 article.  Some comments included such gems as, “Being Jewish is not a religion, no God would give creatures such an ugly nose;”  “Because God has His favorites and they have their privileges, Palestinians were driven out of their homes in 1948 to make place for God’s favorites.”  He also claimed that Israel has murdered 10,000 Palestinians since the year 2000 and that “talking to the Chosen is difficult.” (Algemeiner, Aug. 4, 2019)



REPUBLICAN LEADER CALLED ‘ANTI-SEMITIC’ FOR ACCUSING FAR-LEFT JEWISH BILLIONAIRES OF ‘BUYING CONGRESS’ (Washington) — In complaining against an apparent unwillingness to highlight Republican accomplishments, Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota, National Republic Congressional Committee chair writes, according to the newspaper, that “the news of impactful, real progress on turning our nation around was undercut by biased media and hundreds of millions of dollars of anti-Republican propaganda put out by liberal special interests, funded by deep-pocketed far-left billionaires George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Michael Bloomberg.” The letter reportedly goes on to charge that “these left-wing radicals essentially bought control of Congress for the Democrats.” Soros and Bloomberg are Jews, and Steyer had a Jewish father, notes The American Jewish World. (WIN, Aug. 5, 2019)



SPIES, CHECKPOINTS AND SOAP OPERA DRAMA MAKE ‘TEL AVIV ON FIRE’ A BRUTALLY FUNNY COMEDY ABOUT THE CONFLICT (Tel Aviv) — In “Tel Aviv on Fire,” the main character, Salam, travels every day between Ramallah and Jerusalem. The hilariously funny film is set during the lead-up to the 1967 war and follows a Palestinian secret agent trying to ensnare an Israeli military officer in a honey pot trap. In the film, whose official U.S. release is Aug. 2, the constant back and forth symbolizes the two worlds that Salam travels between, often not so smoothly. The film has already won several awards, including best film at the Haifa and Seattle International Film Festivals. (JTA, July 30, 2019)



ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA NO LONGER TO PRAY FOR CONVERSION OF JEWS (Quebec City) — The Anglican Church of Canada will remove a prayer for the conversion of the Jews. The Canadian JewishNews reports that it’s “being hailed as a milestone.” The church’s governing body, the General Synod, approved nearly unanimously on July 16 the measure to replace the conversion prayer in the Book of Common Prayer with another entitled “For Reconciliation with the Jews.” The amendment will need to be ratified at next General Synod in 2022. The church’s Vicar General of Quebec, Edward Simonton, says this is “‘just a formality,” the paper reports. (WIN, Aug. 4, 2019)



MILLIONS OF HOLOCAUST RECORDS AVAILABLE TO ALL ONLINE FOR FIRST TIME EVER (Berlin) — Ancestry has digitized millions of Holocaust records to make them searchable online for the first time ever. The family history company, working in partnership with Arolsen Archives’ International Center on Nazi Persecution in Germany, will make these records accessible globally to the public at no cost. The philanthropic initiative is vital, as Ancestry points out that the number of living Holocaust survivors has fallen to about 400,000. (Fox News, July 31, 2019)



NUVEI COMPLETES $889M ACQUISITION OF SAFECHARGE(Montreal) — Canadian payment solutions company Nuvei has completed the $889 million cash acquisition of Israeli online payment solutions company SafeCharge, controlled by Teddy Sagi. Following completion of the deal, SafeCharge’s shares will be delisted today from trading on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM secondary market. (Globes, Aug. 2, 2019)



                                    ON TOPIC LINK


Who Is William Daroff, The Next Ceo Of The Conference Of Presidents?:  Omri Nahmias, Jerusalem Post,  August 6, 2019 — Jewish leaders in the nation’s capital said they were excited to hear the news that William Daroff will be the next CEO of the Council of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CoP).

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