Friday, May 7, 2021
Friday, May 7, 2021
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Daily Briefing: MARC CHAGALL: “A DREAMER WHO NEVER WOKE UP” (May 7, 2021)

The Elusive Marc Chagall:  Joseph A. Harris, Smithsonian Magazine, December 2003 David McNeil fondly remembers the day in the early 1960s his father took him to...

Communiqué: Trêve de politique: une pensée pour les victimes de la tragédie de Meron...

Citation de la semaine:  Quand tu es heureux, regarde au plus profond de toi. Tu verras que seul ce qui t’apporte de la peine, t’apporte...

Daily Briefing: HANDLING A MUSCULAR CHINA (May 6, 2021)

Restore America’s Commercial Sea Power: Christopher R. O'Dea, National Review, Apr. 2, 2021 "China’s game plan is to pit large companies and financial investors against Western populations." While...

Daily Briefing: WEDNESDAY’S “NEWS OF THE WEEK IN REVIEW” -(May 6, 2021)

MEDIA-OCRITIES OF THE WEEK Joe Biden Has Had The Best Start Of Any Presidency In Almost A Century:  Lawrence Martin, Globe and Mail, Apr. 29, 2021“…Fate has carried  to...


Marc Chagall – the Surrealist Jew

Yemima Hovav Segula Magazine, Sept. 15, 2013 "Chagall has been described as the greatest Jewish painter of all time. His artwork shifts constantly from reality to...

Whatever Happened to Marc Chagall?

Michael Lewis Commentary Magazine, October 2008 "it was no secret that Chagall’s most vital work had been made on the eve of World War I, when...

An Art School Started by Marc Chagall that Became a Modernist Wasteland

Wilson Tarbox Hyperallergic, July 11, 2018 "The Communist leaders didn’t seem so happy. Why was the cow green? Why was the horse flying in the sky?...

The Elusive Marc Chagall

  Joseph A. Harris Smithsonian Magazine, December 2003 "With his slanting, pale-blue eyes, his unruly hair and the mobile face of a mischievous faun, Chagall gave one...



Remembering Together: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising | POLIN Museum

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising broke out on 19th April 1943, the eve of Passover (Pesach), when the Nazi Germans entered the ghetto in order...

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