Monday, July 15, 2024
Monday, July 15, 2024
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Four Reasons to Support CIJR

The Canadian Institute for Jewish Research provides objective and up-to-date news on, and analysis of, Israel- and Jewish -world-related issues through its respected email Daily Isranet Briefing.

CIJR educates and supports our college and university students in their fight, on- and off-campus, against BDS and anti-Israel delegitimation. Its publications and programs (including the Baruch Cohen Israel Internships) help ensure Jewish continuity by training and motivating talented young Israel advocates.

The Institute delivers a rich and diverse program of Israel- and Jewish-world - related lectures, seminars, conferences and colloquia, featuring outstanding pro-Israel academics and public figures, in Montreal, Toronto and on-line.

CIJR publishes internationally-distributed electronic and print magazines and journals, publishes books on key contemporary issues, and maintains an up-to-date Research Library, a massive on-line Israel & Middle East Data Bank, the CIJR Review of Books, and encourages direct interactions with members and viewers on its Blogsphere, and active Facebook site.

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“The state of Israel is collectively what the survivor is individually–testimony on behalf of all mankind to life against death, to sanity against madness, to Jewish self-affirmation against every form of flight from it, and…to the God of the ancient covenant against all lapses into paganism.”

Emil Fackenheim
The Jewish Return into History.Reflections in the Age of Auschwitz and a New Jerusalem (New York, 1978), pg. 97

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