Thursday, May 30, 2024
Thursday, May 30, 2024
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The People-Forming Passover Leon R. Kass, Mosaic Magazine, Apr. 6, 2020 — The essay below is adapted from Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus by Leon R. Kass, forthcoming from Yale University Press in January 2021.

That Pain You’re Feeling Is Peoplehood:  Mijal Bitton, Sapir Journal, October 2023 – February 2024
The Undying People Meir Y. Soloveitchik, First Things, January 2024
Harry Truman’s Seder Message:  Stuart Halpern, Tablet, Apr. 19, 2024
The Right Way to Read the Haggadah:  Rabbi Dr. Norman Solomon, The, Mar. 15, 2024
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Why “Passover”? On the True Meaning of Pesaḥ-פסח: Dr. Barry Dov Walfish, The Apr. 20, 2016 — Many of us commonly refer to our favorite spring holiday as Passover. This is reinforced by the passage in the Haggadah that has been imprinted on our minds by years of recitation:

Ten Plagues, Three Acronyms, Seven Opinions:  Stuart Halpern, Jewish Review of Books, Apr. 18, 2024 — It rolls off the tongue about as easily as asking someone to “pass the salt” with your mouth full of matza.

Passover Guide for the Perplexed 2024 Yoram Ettinger, The Ettinger Report, Apr. 18, 2024 — Passover (April 22-30, 2024) is a Jewish national liberation holiday, highlighting the Exodus, the Parting of the Sea, the Ten Commandments, the 40-year-wandering in the desert, and the reentry to the Land of Israel 3,600 years ago.

Understanding the Meaning of Elijah This Passover:  Elijah Rosen, Algemeiner, Apr. 18, 2024 — “Behold I will send you Elijah (Eliyahu) the prophet before the great awesome Day of God, and he will reconcile fathers to children and children to fathers” (Malachi 3:24).

The Daily Briefing will not be circulated Tues. and Wed. April 23-24 but will return on Thur. Apr. 25th.  We wish our friends and supporters a Happy and Kosher Passover.

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