Saturday, May 21, 2022
Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Daily Briefing: PUTIN’S ENERGY HEIST (April 21,2022)

The Real Story:  Passover, Easter, Ramadan, Riots . . . and a Flock Of Liberals Who Sound Exactly Like A Bunch Of Khomeinists:  Terry Glavin, Substack, Apr. 17, 2022 Millions of people around the world were sitting at their tables this weekend for the first Seder of Passover, or they were hiding Easter eggs around The House for the kids to find after coming home from Mass, or they were fasting through the day, awaiting the milk and the dates and an Iftar prayer, like this one: O my Allah, forgive me for the sake of your mercy, which encompasses the whole universe, and forgive me my sins.

The Matzo of Hope: The War in Ukraine Gives New Meaning to the Passover Ritual:  Lea Zeltserman, Globe and Mail, Apr. 15, 2022When my family sits down for our Passover Seder this year, which starts Friday evening, our table will include an uncommon extra.

Rare Finds Online: Haggadot Connect Jews to Passover and Family History: Judy Lash Balint, JNS,  Apr. 14, 2022 —  Veteran Haggadah collector Ariel Winer was delighted when he learned that Israel’s National Library (NLI) is making some of the world’s most important and exquisite Haggadot available for download at no cost. “They should have done it a long time ago,” he told JNS from his home in Lima, Peru. 

Kamala Harris’s Seder Makes a Mockery of Passover and the Jews – Opinion:  Daniel Greenfield, World Israel News, Apr. 20, 2022 — “Good evening to the thousands of you who are joining us from around the country,” Doug Emhoff, the Hollywood lawyer serving as Kamala’s husband, intoned.

Putin’s Ukraine Invasion Is About Energy and Natural Resources:  David Knight Legg, WSJ, Apr. 5, 2022

An Unexpected Energy Revolution Arrives; Ron Wallace, Financial Post, Apr. 13, 2022

The World Needs More Canadian Resources:  Diane Francis, Financial Post, Apr. 18, 2022

Why the Ukraine War Hasn’t Crashed the Stock Market:  Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., WSJ, Apr. 15, 2022

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Germany to Cut Off Russian Oil Imports by Year End:  Caroline Downey, National Review, Apr. 20, 2022 — Germany announced Wednesday that it plans to end oil imports from Russia by the end of the year and will then begin phasing out Russian gas imports, charting a path to energy independence from Moscow amid its ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Why Germany Can’t Just Pull the Plug on Russian Energy:  Melissa Eddy, NY Times, Apr. 5, 2022 — Last year, Russia supplied more than half of the natural gas and about a third of all the oil that Germany burned to heat homes, power factories and fuel cars, buses and trucks. 

The European Union’s Leader Says the Bloc Is Preparing an Embargo on Russian Oil Imports:  Martina Stevis-Gridneff, NY Times, Apr. 19, 2022 The president of the European Commission has confirmed publicly that the bloc is working on the details of an embargo on Russian oil imports as Moscow began a major offensive to seize eastern and southern Ukraine.

The Ukraine Crisis Offers a Rare Chance for Energy and Climate Cooperation:  Jason Bordoff and Meghan L. O’Sullivan, Foreign Policy, Apr. 18, 2022 – As motorists make plans for summer driving season, U.S. gasoline prices are near record highs.

West’s Sanctions and Putin’s Search For New Energy Markets: Can Europe Cope With Oil, Gas Shortages?:  Abhishek Chakraborty, India Today, Apr. 14, 2022 — Faced with several sanctions, especially in the energy sector, Russia is now looking toward alternative markets for its energy exports.

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