Monday, March 4, 2024
Monday, March 4, 2024
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It’s Biden Who’s Playing Politics with the Gaza War, Not Bibi Jonathan S. Tobin, JNS, Feb. 2, 2024 — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reputation as a master political schemer and a cynical seeker of power is so deeply embedded in the public consciousness that there is literally nothing he can do without being accused of acting only to seek some sort of advantage over his opponents.

With Unprecedented Executive Order, US Sanctions Settlers Behind ‘Intolerable’ Violence:  Jacob Magid, Times of Israel, Feb. 1, 2024
The Scope of Biden’s Order Extends Far Beyond Law-Breaking Settlers – Opinion:  Jonathan Pollard, Jerusalem Post, Feb. 4, 2024
Inspecting the UN’s Strange Numbers on Settler Violence:  Amit Segal, Ynet News, Feb. 3, 2024
Exclusive: US Makes Implicit Threat to Invoke Leahy Law Over West Bank Incidents:  Ariel Kahana, Israel Hayom, Feb. 3, 2024


These Are the Four Israeli Settlers Targeted by Biden’s First Round of Sanctions:  Hagar Shezaf and Ben Samuels, Haaretz, Feb. 1, 2024 — The four Israeli settlers targeted by U.S. President Joe Biden’s first round of sanctions – freezing their U.S. assets – against those implicated in violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank are David Chai Chasdai, Einan Tanjil, Shalom Zicherman and Yinon Levi.
US to Invoke Leahy Law to Choke Settlement Defense, ‘Settler Violence’ to Recognize Palestinian State David Israel, Jewish Press, Feb. 4, 2024 — On Sunday morning, Israel Hayom revealed that the Biden administration is pressing Israel for answers on a series of incidents in which, it claims, IDF units operating in Judea and Samaria violated the so-called Leahy Law.
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Israeli Settlers Involved in West Bank Attacks:  Vivian Salama and Dion Nissenbaum, WSJ, Feb. 1, 2024 — The Biden administration has announced a new set of sanctions against Israeli settlers and others it deems responsible for attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank, as concerns grow in Washington that the Israeli government hasn’t done enough to curb the violence.
Trudeau Mulls Sanctioning Israeli Settlers, Says He’s ‘Seized’ with Case of Missing Canadian CBC News, Feb. 2, 2024 — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is looking into sanctions against Israeli settlers in the West Bank who have been accused of attacking Palestinians and Israeli peace activists in the territory.

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