Sunday, June 26, 2022
Sunday, June 26, 2022
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How Kaliningrad, Russian Land Ringed By NATO, Is Tangled in Ukraine War:  Rachel Pannett and Amy Cheng, Washington Post, June 21, 2022The Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, hundreds of miles west of the rest of the country, is the latest flash point between Moscow and the rest of Europe as the fallout from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war reverberates beyond Ukraine.

Is Kaliningrad, Russia’s Exclave Surrounded by EU Countries, an Asset or a Liability?:  The Economist, June 9, 2022 In May, as part of a naval drill, more than 100 Russian soldiers in Kaliningrad pretended to fire nuclear rockets at imagined enemy positions in Europe.

Why is Lithuania Risking Russia’s Wrath over Kaliningrad?:  Ryan White, Defense News, June 21, 2022 — Lithuania imposed a ground transit ban of EU sanctioned Russian goods through its territory on Saturday, cutting off the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast.
Moscow Fumes over Lithuania Rail Ban to Russian Region Natalia Zinets, Reuters, June 22, 2022 — Russia warned Lithuania on Tuesday that it would face measures of a “serious negative impact” for blocking some shipments by rail to Moscow’s Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad, in its latest dispute over Western sanctions imposed on the country for the war in Ukraine.

Scenarios for Russia’s Strategic Kaliningrad Exclave Stefan Hedlund, GIS Reports, June 21, 2022

Ukraine Battle Expands as Kyiv Launches Counteroffensive Andrew E. Kramer and Jason Horowitz, NY Times, May 29, 2022

The Military Roots of Modern Ukraine:  Taras Fedirko, WSJ, May 26, 2022

Interview: Why Russia’s ‘Underperforming’ Military Is Still Making Gains in Ukraine: Reid Standish, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, June 9, 2022

For Further Reference:

How the Little-Known Suwalki Corridor Could Largely Block NATO Assistance to Baltic States: Shari Kulha, National Post, Mar. 22, 2022 — Since their independence, the Baltic NATO states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have existed in a constant state of vulnerability to assault, due to shared and often snarled borders with Russia and Belarus.

Kaliningrad and the Baltic Countries – A Russian Threat to NATO?:  Jeff Gilmour, Journal of Military and Strategic Studies,  Volume 19, Issue 1, 2018 — In 2008, Russia illegally invaded the Republic of Georgia and still retains troops in South Ossetia. In 2014, Russia invaded the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine in order to ensure there was a corridor with Sevastopol, the home of its Black Sea Fleet.

Moscow Reels, Lashes Out at Lithuania Over Kaliningrad Cutoff:  RFE/RL,June 20, 2022Russia has demanded that Vilnius immediately reverse new restrictions on shipments of Russian goods that are subject to EU sanctions through Lithuanian territory to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

Ukraine Latest: Russia Says Seized US Soldiers Could Face Death Bloomberg News, June 21, 2022 — Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said two US veterans captured in Ukraine could face the death penalty, adding that the Geneva Conventions likely don’t apply as Moscow doesn’t consider the men part of the national army.

Because of Jean Baptiste Day, a civic holiday in Quebec, the Daily Briefing will not circulate tomorrow Fri. June 24th but will return on Mon. June 27th. Similarly, this week’s Communique Isranet will not be available this week or next because of Canada Day on July 1st.  It will return, instead, on the following Friday, July 8th. Shabbat shalom to all our friends and supporters.

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