Saturday, July 13, 2024
Saturday, July 13, 2024
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I Just Donated $300k to Trump Shaun Maquire, X, May 30, 2024 — I just donated $300k to Trump. I’m prepared to lose friends. Here’s why.

A Republic? You Can Keep It.:  Mark Steyn, Steyn on America, May 31, 2024 — As everybody but the New Guinea tribesmen who ate Joe Biden’s uncle knows by now, Donald J Trump has been found “guilty on all counts” – a quintessentially American expression because, of course, the multiple-counts racket is one of the many perversions of judicial norms that have long disgraced the US courthouse.

Trump’s Conviction and Biden’s Worst Decision Holman W. Jenkins Jr., WSJ, May 31, 2024
Trump’s Conviction Is an Assault on Democracy:  Michael Lind, Unherd, May 31, 2024
Sen. Rubio: November Is America’s Last Chance. Let’s Take It—by Electing Donald Trump | Opinion, Marco Rubio, Newsweek, May 31, 2024
A Manhattan Canned Hunt: The Trump Jury is Out But is the Case in the Bag?:  Jonathan Turley,, May 30, 2024


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Trump Donation Page Crashes after Conviction in Bragg Trial:  Carolyn Downey, National Review, May 31, 2024 —  The donation page for former president Donald Trump crashed Thursday night immediately after he was convicted on all counts in the Stormy Daniels hush-money trial.

Why Republicans Hate the Trump Verdict:  Editorial Board, WSJ, June 2, 2024How dare Mitt Romney. And Sens. Susan Collins and Mitch McConnell. The anti-Trump press corps is dismayed that Republicans of all stripes, even those who aren’t fond of Donald Trump, have criticized the Manhattan prosecution and guilty verdict.

‘Intentional Misfeasance’ Makes Show Trial Conviction Ripe For Reversal, Legal Experts Say:  M.D. Kittle, The Federalist, May 31, 2024  Leftist District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s show trial delivered the Democrat Party’s dream: A felony conviction against their most hated political enemy. 

Dershowitz: Trump’s Appeals Chances Are Screwed and He Should Fire His Attorneys:  Victoria Taft, PJ Media, June 1, 2024 Here come the second guesses and recriminations from critics of the lawyering from the Trump trial in Manhattan. And if Alan Dershowitz is right, things might get much, much harder for Donald Trump than he can imagine as he moves to his appeals cases. But the first thing he ought to do, Dershowitz says, is fire his attorney, Todd Blanche. 

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