Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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‘There Are Three Possible Outcomes to this War’: Henry Kissinger Interview:  Henry Kissinger and Andrew Roberts, The Spectator, July 2, 2022 Andrew Roberts: Henry, at Davos, you said the dividing line between Russia and Ukraine should return to the status quo ante because pursuing the war beyond that point could turn it into a war not about the freedom of Ukraine but into a war against Russia itself. You came under a good deal of criticism for that, not least from Mr Zelensky. How is the world going to find a new equilibrium after this, however the war ends?

TOC Ready Room, June 24, 2022:  … Escalation in Russia-NATO Confrontation …: J.E. Dyer, The Optimistic Conservative, June 24, 2022

Putin Thinks West Will Blink First in War of Attrition, Russian Elites Say:  Catherine Belton, Washington Post, June 3, 2022

Russian Escalations in Syria Risk Direct Conflict with U.S., Military Officials Warn:  Gordon Lubold and Michael R. Gordon, WSJ, June 17, 2022

Did Russian Hackers Blow Up A Texas LNG Pipeline On June 8?:  Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner, June 21, 2022

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Russian Warship Violated Danish Territorial Waters in Baltic, Danish Military Says: Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen, Stine Jacobsen and Nikolaj Skydsgaard, Reuters, June 17, 2022 — A Russian warship early on Friday twice violated Danish territorial waters north of the Baltic Sea Island of Bornholm where a democracy festival attended by senior officials and business people was taking place, the Danish Armed Forces said.

Western Solidarity Tested As Europeans Divided Over Immediate End To Russia-Ukraine War:  Ben Wolfgang, Washington Times, June 15, 2022 — Cracks are deepening across Europe over how to handle the RussiaUkraine endgame, according to data released Wednesday, as a growing number of Europeans favor immediate peace over the continuation of a hard-line anti-Russia stance that has defined Western policy since the start of the war nearly four months ago.

Russia-NATO: Four Political Variants under Review:  Mohammed Cherkaoui, AlJazeera, June 26, 2022 — The aftermath of the Ukraine war, as a protracted complex conflict, has revealed how the Russia-West geopolitical rivalry has entered uncharted territories with an asymmetrical war and unparallel weaponry: hard power versus sanctions and other tools of political economy, or sticky power.

Russia’s Anti-Satellite Weapons: a Hedging And Offsetting Strategy to Deter Western Aerospace Forces:  Jaganath Sankaran, Taylor Francis Online, June 22, 2022 — Russia tested its Nudol direct-ascent anti-satellite missile on November 15, 2021, striking the defunct Tselina-D Russian satellite (Kozin, 2021). The hit-to-kill test rendered the target satellite into more than 1,500 pieces of orbital debris (Atwood et al., 2021). 

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