Sunday, June 16, 2024
Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Daily Briefing: NEVER AGAIN IS NOW!


Full Netanyahu: Everyone in the World Is ‘Sitting on the Bleachers’:  NBC News, Nov. 12, 2023 In an interview with Meet the Press, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks about Israel’s war with Hamas and says “It’s too early to say” who will govern Gaza after the war during an interview.

Michal Cotler-Wunsh’s Powerful Speech at the UN About the Ever-Mutating Virus of Antisemitism AIJAC, Nov. 8, 2023 — Michal Cotler-Wunsh, Special Envoy for Combatting Antisemitism, gives a powerful speech at the UN about the ever-mutating virus of antisemitism.
The Last Line of Defense: Bari Weiss:  The Free Press, YouTube, Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture, Nov. 10, 2023 — Months ago, I was asked to give a lecture at the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention. It was a surprising invitation for a number of reasons. First, I am not a lawyer.

On A Visit to Israel, I Have Seen the Horror that the World Must Never Forget Douglas Murray, NY Post, Nov. 9, 2023
Why Are the October 7 Atrocities Being Denied?:  Caroline B. Glick, JNS, Nov. 1, 2023
Germany Remembers Kristallnacht at a Fraught Moment:  Christopher F. Schuetze and Graham Bowley, NY Times, Nov. 9, 2023
Kristallnacht of 1938 Echoes in Canada of 2023:  Geoffrey P. Johnston, The Whig Standard, Nov. 10, 2023


‘Never Again’ Is Now: at Kristallnacht Memorial, Scholz Vows to Protect Germany’s Jews:  Agencies and TOI staff, Times of Israel, Nov. 9, 2023 — German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pledged Thursday to protect Germany’s Jews against a “shameful” upsurge in antisemitism in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war, on the anniversary of the Nazi Kristallnacht pogrom.
The Universalization and Contemporary Abuse of Holocaust History Dr. Elana Yael Heideman, The Israel Forever Foundation, Dec. 15, 2021 — What was once a sacred and respected realm of human suffering and atrocity, shrouded in the immense pain and brutality of its truth, has now become fodder for common conversations and comparisons in classrooms.
Suella Braverman, Britain’s Hardline Home Secretary, Fired as Ex-PM David Cameron Makes Surprise Return to Government: Rob Picheta, CNN, Nov. 13, 2023 — Britain’s beleaguered Prime Minister Rishi Sunak carried out a dramatic Cabinet reshuffle on Monday, firing his divisive home secretary and bringing back former premier David Cameron to the heart of government after a seven-year absence from politics.
MUST-SEE INTERVIEW with Douglas Murray: Is the West Dead? | The Caroline Glick Show:  JNS TV, Nov. 12, 2023 — Are the massive pro-Hamas rallies throughout the Western world a sign that the West is dead? What does Israel represent in the Western psyche? Why are all members of the Reg-Green alliance united in annihilationist hatred for Jews?



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