Saturday, July 13, 2024
Saturday, July 13, 2024
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The War Against the Jews: The Case of Canada:

  Stephen Schecter, Substack, July 3, 2024

Synagogues and Jewish schools are attacked across Canada. In response, empty police cars sit outside such institutions to ward off future attacks. The Toronto District School Board adopts a resolution adding “anti-Palestinian racism” to its learning strategy. The BC Teachers Federation’s resolution to include “the Palestinian naqba and the Israeli occupation” in the BC school curriculum is endorsed by the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care. This is tantamount to including historical lies about Israel as part of what Canadian students will learn at a young age in public schools. Selena Robinson is fired from her ministerial post in the BC NDP government for stating that many Palestinians moved to Mandate Palestine from other Arab Muslim countries. This was deemed offensive to Muslims even though it is historically accurate. The Federal Liberal-NDP government has appointed one Birju Dattani to be head of the Canadian Commission on Human Rights even though he has shared articles comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and repeatedly lectured about BDS at British universities during “Israel Apartheid Week.” And to top it all off, the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs has sanctioned seven Israeli individuals and five Israeli entities for what she claims is “their role in facilitating, supporting or financially contributing to acts of violence by Israeli extremist settlers against Palestinian civilians and their property.” I note that she has never sanctioned any Palestinian for murdering Jews, nor has she sanctioned any Palestinian Authority figure for calling for, educating about, and rewarding the murder of Jews and the liquidation of the Jewish state. One of the Israelis sanctioned is Daniella Weiss, a 78 year old Zionist who heads the Nachala movement advocating the return of Jews to Gaza following the recent war. Her position makes perfect sense, unlike that of the delusional Trudeau government that still thinks the genocidal Palestinian national movement deserves a state in the heartland of Israel so it can annihilate Jews more expeditiously than it already has. And all this in the name of peace. What it actually is is the war against the Jews, Canadian version 2.0. ….[To read the full article, click HERE


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