Sunday, June 16, 2024
Sunday, June 16, 2024
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The US-built Pier for Humanitarian Aid Delivery Was Always a Long-Shot – Analysis

Seth J. Frantzman
Jerusalem Post, May 28, 2024

“Reports say that the pier was not designed to withstand a heavy sea, or in fact it seems any seas in which waves reached over 1.5 meters.”

The US-built floating pier faces a new hurdle in the delivery of aid to the coast of Gaza. The pier contained two elements, one of which was attached to the shore and the other of which was out at sea. The pier was constructed after US army vessels made a long month-and-a-half journey to Israel.

Now CNN and Reuters are reporting that the pier has been badly impacted by heavy seas. CNN characterized this as “broke apart.” Reuters said that “US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said bad weather was believed to be the reason that part had broken off. They did not say how big the part was or speculate on how long it would take for the pier to resume operations.” During the night of May 24 a tug that is part of the pier, and resembles the pier itself, washed ashore on Ashdod beach.

On May 25 a US LCM landing craft also became stuck on the beach trying to free the tug section. The landing craft was pulled off on the evening of May 26, but the tug remained in the sand. It is not clear if it has been freed. Then a short video appeared on May 27 claiming to show the pier had “sunk” off the coast of Gaza. It showed a section apparently moored off the coast, but the other sections that were anchored to the coast missing.I have followed the story of the pier closely. Four US army ships left in mid-March from Ft. Eustis. These included the USAV James A. Loux, USAV Montorrey, USAV Matamoros and USAV Wilson Wharf. … [To read the full article, click here]

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