Monday, July 15, 2024
Monday, July 15, 2024
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Judicial Reform at a Crossroads: A Guide to the Perplexed

Netael Bandel
Israel Hayom, Mar. 27, 2023

“The Supreme Court ruled this week that the attorney general is not in a conflict of interest by being involved with the attorney general’s law in the reform because “the clashing interests inherently constitute the role of the attorney general, who is responsible for giving legal advice.” This is also how the Supreme Court will likely rule on its own conflict of interest.”
As of Monday, the judicial reform and its related bills are in limbo, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly planning to put them on hold. However, he has indicated that he would still try to pass them down the road. Here is what you need to know.

Three out of five bills are basic laws, and the Supreme Court’s intervention in them will cause a clash of branches. The most volatile law is the Makeup of the Judicial Selection Committee Law, according to which the Supreme Court is likely to intervene on the grounds of precedential intervention. Even before the final ruling is given, even a temporary suspension of the implementation of some of the new basic laws will lead to a constitutional drama, into which the State of Israel will enter on Passover Eve and Israel’s 75th Independence Day.

Public Service Bill (Gifts)

There is a chance that the judges will issue an order to suspend the law’s implementation.

This bill allows elected officials, for the first time, to receive money as a gift to pay for legal expenses of cases against them and medical procedures, which will be reported and transparent. … [To read the full article, click here

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