Saturday, July 13, 2024
Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Impending Gaza Deal: Is Israel Ready to Make Painful Concessions? – Comment: 

 Jacob Nagel, Jerusalem Post, July 5, 2024

If there is a chance to reach a deal that Israel can accept, it is only by increasing the military pressure, not by reducing it.”
After nine months of fighting in Gaza and the north, direct attacks from Iran, and terror attacks inside Israel, the country faces several difficult decisions.

The main challenges are the wise transition from a high-intensity war to an ongoing low-intensity war in Gaza, promoting a hostage deal, and shifting the center of gravity to the north (by agreement or war) and to Iran (preventing a nuclear breakout and weakening the regime).

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is nearing the completion of the first war goal, under the old war cabinet guidance, of negating Hamas’ military capabilities and crushing its military organizational structure. Unfortunately, the denial of Hamas’ governmental and organizational capabilities and the killing of all its leaders has not yet been completed, despite some impressive achievements, and the war goal of returning all the hostages is far from complete, despite some successful operations and deals.
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