Monday, March 4, 2024
Monday, March 4, 2024
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How Will IDF’s Invasion of Rafah Play Out – And What Will Hamas Do? – Analysis

Yonah Jeremy Bob
Jerusalem Post, Feb. 11, 2024

“If the IDF goes into Rafah and takes over the Gazan side of the Philadelphi Corridor, Hamas would lose its last major remaining battalions, its last large city for hiding its leadership and human-shield hostages, and its only remaining way to rearm and smuggle in weapons from outside of Gaza.”

The plans for the IDF invasion of Rafah have been prepared for a while; the hold-up has been at the diplomatic level, with Egypt and the West.

Even back in December, the IDF held strong in its belief that it could handle the daunting task of evacuating some 1.4 million Palestinians who moved to Rafah, seeking refuge from the bombing in the north and center of the enclave, which means its current population is about six times greater than before the war.

What is daunting is that Cairo is terrified that the Israeli invasion will lead Palestinians to penetrate their border and cross into Egypt, while the US and the West are more concerned with the high death toll it will bring, and that many of these people have survived three moves: from northern Gaza to Khan Yunis to Rafah.

Will some of them simply refuse to leave, believing that there is no guarantee of safety somewhere else? Will some of Egypt’s or the West’s worst nightmares transpire, leading to a crisis and mid-invasion halt?


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