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Hamas Won Oct. 7, then IDF New Integrated Warfare Took Over – Analysis

Yonah Jeremy Bob
Jerusalem Post, Nov. 12, 2023

“… the IDF has managed to achieve a mix of new tactics, intelligence collection, speed, and distribution of intelligence, which allows air, sea, artillery, and tank forces to eliminate 150 Hamas forces in one extended battle, without a single loss, as was the case recently.”
Since October 7, The Jerusalem Post has visited four different IDF locations on the southern front, two air force bases, and embedded with a navy fast boat off the coast of Gaza; several of these visits took place in recent days. 

What emerged from all this begins to explain some of the IDF’s failures on October 7. More importantly, though, it establishes an understanding of how the IDF’s revolutionized and integrated approach to warfare kicked it into high gear in its offensive, and effectively changed the narrative in the war with Hamas.

Field command centers are handling real-time targeting decisions, and intelligence command centers are providing human spying, signals intelligence, satellite intelligence, cyber intelligence, and other items to the targeting centers.

During one of the targeting command center visits, an interview was interrupted for 30 seconds. During that time, the targeting commander integrated new field intelligence and seamlessly passed it on to another field or air unit – within minutes, Hamas targets were destroyed.

And on the fast boat, intelligence came through that IDF Unit 401 was about to be ambushed by Hamas. This information came from an intelligence center, through a targeting center, and then to the navy, which fired around a dozen shells from a missile boat, killing the targets.

… [To read the full article, click here]

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