Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Biden’s Top Secret Document Problem – Is He on His Way Out?

Larry C. Johnson
Sonar 21, Jan. 12, 2023
“Ron Klain, Biden’s current Chief of Staff, was Biden’s Chief of Staff as Vice President and was in charge of the paper flow that went in and out of Biden’s office. He is a central figure in this.”
The “discovery” that Joe Biden had multiple stashes of highly classified documents begs a few salient questions that nobody, to the best of my knowledge, has answered — When were they discovered? Who discovered them? And why is this information being leaked now?

It was not the White House coming forward with a mea culpa. Some person or persons in the Deep State let this Top Secret Cat out of the bag. Is it possible that they were discovered well before the raid on Trump in August? Was the Trump raid laying a predicate of sorts to provide damage control when the Biden collection was exposed? Maybe.

But there is a huge difference between Trump’s documents and Biden’s. Trump had ultimate authority as President to classify and declassify documents. Even though a document might bear a TS marking, if Trump declassified it then it was no longer classified. Biden had ZERO authority to declassify. Zilch. Nada.

There is another important difference — Trump’s collection of formerly classified material was taken to one location and personnel with the National Archives were notified. Trump’s documents were locked up in a secure room. They were not parked next to a 1967 Corvette or stuffed into a closet paid for by the Chinese. Biden’s documents were in multiple locations.

I was privileged to hold TS SCI clearances. I had TK, UMBRA and GAMMA, just to mention a few. That means I had access to the raw material produced by CIA, NSA, State, DIA, DOD, NIMA and NRO. I also had access to finished intelligence, i.e. a product produced by analysts using the raw material. I am willing to wager that Biden did not have any TS or S raw intelligence. That stuff is not very useful by itself.Source

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