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Monday, April 22, 2024
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A Foul-Mouthed ‘Anti-Racist’ Worthy of the Liberal Government

Rex Murphy

National Post, Aug. 20, 2022

“Canadian Heritage knows the danger when it feels it, and it was Canadian Heritage, under Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen, who doled out $133,800 to a group called Community Media Advocacy Centre (CMAC), to, as the Canadian Press put it, “build an anti-racism strategy” for Canadian broadcasting.”

Even people like myself who, occasionally, criticize the present government are united in praise of their unquestioned strengths and virtues. On some things they are really good. Efficiency, for example. Once they decide to overlook something, it’s overlooked. They waste no time whatsoever on second thoughts.

A less stalwart and confident government having obviously decided that the epic clog-up at Pearson airport, earning rare headlines as “the worst in all the world” wasn’t — you know — really, a big problem, might have had distracting second thoughts. Might have changed their minds and set about a full-bore, all-speed-ahead, we’re-on-this-and-nothing-is-going-to-stop-us till it’s fixed.

And that would have meant a loss of needed energy and focus on the more important stuff. Plastic picnic forks would have slipped under the radar, two billion unplanted trees would be even more unplanted, and goodness knows if it would ever have occurred to them to introduce the ArriveCan app, which even as I write is being toasted by enthusiastic travellers in every arrival airport lounge in Canada.

Pick a course and stay with it is their motto, and do they ever live up to it. Monitoring fertilizer of western farmers, another great example. Ottawa is an expert on fertilizer. Even with The House of Commons shut down, its production of it is a marvel. On this subject they made up their minds, and with that efficiency I am commending, skipped all consultation with the relevant agricultural ministers, and ploughed it through.

On what is dubiously termed “anti-hate” they are at their most efficient. Liberals might be purblind mice on some subjects but they are eagle-eyed when it comes to hate-thought, hate-speech and in their conviction that Canada is a burrow of “systemic racism.” And so when they move on this they move with a cheetah’s impulsion. Source

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