Saturday, May 21, 2022
Saturday, May 21, 2022
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WATCH:  Whose Land?: Part I: Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation, Apr. 15, 2022  —  Outstanding, in-depth history of the creation of the modern State of Israel. There are ten episodes.  Well worth watching.

62 Senators, Including 16 Democrats, Vote To Oppose Nuclear-Only Iran Deal:  Marc Rod, Jewish Insider, May 4, 2022 — A majority of senators, including 16 Democrats, voted on Wednesday night in favor of a non-binding Senate measure that opposes entering into an Iran deal addressing only the regime’s nuclear program as well as the removal of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ terrorism designation. The final vote on the measure was 62 to 33.
Iran Talks Status:  JINSA, May 4, 2022 — What are the known outstanding issues? Iran is demanding that the United States remove its designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

No One to Talk to in Washington Caroline B. Glck,, Apr. 29, 2022

In Win for Israel, US Seems to Backtrack on Removing IRGC From Terror List Ben Caspit, Al-Monitor, Apr. 29, 2022

Trial of Alleged Terrorist Spotlights Iranian Threat to U.S. Homeland:  Aaron Kliegman, Just the News, Apr. 30, 2022

New Iranian Nuclear Pact Will Only Aid Russia:  Derek H. Burney, National Post, Apr. 19, 2022

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Former Iranian Majles Member Ali Motahari: When Iran Started Its Nuclear Program, Our Goal Was To Build A Bomb; We Failed To Keep It A Secret Before Conducting A Nuclear Test; Having A Nuclear Bomb For Deterrence Is Not A Bad Thing:  MEMRI TV, Apr. 24, 2022 — Former Iranian Majles member Ali Motahari said in an April 24, 2022 interview on ISCA News (Iran) that when Iran began developing its nuclear program, the goal was to build a nuclear bomb.
Don’t Believe the Spin: Biden Will Make a Deal with Iran Jonathan S. Tobin, JNS, Apr. 27, 2022 Discerning the truth about diplomatic activity is often a matter of sifting out what’s real from amid the surrounding noise of governmental spin. 
U.S. and Israel Discuss How to Put More Pressure on Iran Barak Ravid, Axios, May 4, 2022 — Israel and the U.S. have been discussing ways to put more pressure on Iran in a scenario in which there is no return to the 2015 nuclear deal in the near future, a senior Israeli official told Axios.

Europe to Make Fresh Push to Revive Iran Nuclear Deal:  Lawrence Norman, WSJ, May 1, 2022European officials are preparing to make a fresh push to salvage a nuclear deal with Iran, offering to send a top European Union negotiator to Tehran in an effort to break a stalemate in talks, according to Western diplomats.

Iran Moves Centrifuge-Parts Workshop Underground at Natanz, IAEA Says Francois Murphy, Reuters, Apr. 28, 2022 — Iran’s new workshop at Natanz for making parts for centrifuges, machines that enrich uranium, has been set up underground, U.N. nuclear watchdog chief Rafael Grossi said on Thursday, a move apparently aimed at protecting it from possible attacks.
Mossad Reportedly Interrogated IRGC Member in Iran Over Triple Assassination PlotTOI Staff, Times of Israel, Apr. 30, 2022 — The Mossad spy agency detained and questioned a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in Iranian territory for his alleged involvement in an attempt to assassinate an Israeli diplomat in Turkey, Hebrew media reported Saturday night.

This week’s Communiqué Isranet is Communiqué: De Yom Hashoa à Yom HaAtzmaout (6 Mai, 2022)

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