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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Daily Briefing: BIG TECH’S POWER GRAB (January 22, 2021)

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Federalist Staff: Big Tech Totalitarianism Runs Deeper Than Controlling Social Media:  Jordan Davidson, The Federalist, Jan. 12, 2021

“What we’re seeing right now is the largest power grab from corporate America that we’ve seen in modern times.”

Members of The Federalist staff condemned big tech censorship on Tuesday and explained how Silicon Valley giants use their power to manipulate multiple sectors of American politics and society. “We’ve seen big tech really put their hand on the lever when it came to this election in a lot of different respects,” Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “Not just the social media side, but in terms of their political donations and their support financially for efforts that led to a lot of changes in the way that voting happened in this year. And I think we’re going to see a number of policy ramifications for this.”

“We have seen these various corporations take on new responsibilities in dictating what is acceptable speech, what is acceptable positioning, or partisan allegiance in so many different ways in recent years,” he added.

Big tech’s growing power, Domenech said, extends far beyond just censoring people on social media. “People need to understand the shift that’s happened. We’ve been talking for the past couple of years about social media, primarily the shiny object of Twitter and Facebook, but what we’re really talking about now are the guts of the internet, the infrastructure that’s underneath all of this,” Domenech explained. “It’s one thing to say you can’t use a platform to share information, to advertise, or something like that. It’s another to say you can’t use the equivalent of the roads, the water, the power that’s underneath the internet superstructure. And that’s something that I think is going to be a major factor going forward in terms of determining how our partisan divide is navigated in the coming years.”

Octopus of Big Tech is strangling America:  Victor Davis Hanson, NY Post, Jan. 14, 2021

“But the real reason is that the Left has long been eager to curtail the speech of those it opposes. Last week simply offered members of the Left the sort of perfect crisis that they determined should never go to waste.”

Two days after the 2020 election, a defiant Kathy Griffin retweeted the notorious picture of her holding a prop that looked like the bloody head of a decapitated Donald Trump. Earlier last year, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, tweeted out a call to his followers to destroy Israel. Both tweets passed the censorship rules of Twitter’s 20-something judges in San Francisco.

In contrast, Trump has been banned for life from Twitter and barred indefinitely from Facebook. Twitter said in a statement that it excluded Trump “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

The president had called for thousands of his followers to assemble at a massive Washington, D.C., rally protesting the results of the election. Splinter groups broke off from the massed protesters. Some stormed into the halls of Congress. Social-media platforms canceled Trump after he urged his followers — albeit “peacefully and patriotically” — to go protest at the U.S. Capitol, where the mayhem followed.

Danielle Smith: I’m leaving Twitter and radio because I’ve had enough of the mob:  Danielle Smith, National Post, Jan. 14, 2021

“Social media could be such a force for good, connecting people and allowing global conversations. Instead, it’s become a mechanism to deplatform, ridicule and punish.”

When I entered the media it was after a devastating personal failure in politics and I feared no one would ever hire me again after such a public routing.

The year was 1999 and I’d just been fired from the Calgary Board of Education when then Alberta Education Minister Lyle Oberg determined that our group of trustees had become so dysfunctional it could no longer work constructively together. So he disbanded the board.

Peter Stockland came to my rescue and offered me a job as an editorial writer (and later columnist) at the Calgary Herald. He told me it was because he thought I must be pretty on the ball if I was able to get myself elected at age 27.

Get Ready for 4 Years of Media Sycophancy:  Ben Shapiro, Creators, Jan. 20, 2021

“But the media’s lack of credibility wasn’t solely attributable to Trump. It resulted from their own journalistic malfeasance for years on end during former President Barack Obama’s administration — “his only scandal was wearing a tan suit!” — followed by their aggressive repetition of even the most thinly sourced scandal regarding Trump.”

On Sunday, Jan. 17, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris sat down with Jane Pauley of CBS News “Sunday Morning.” Pauley treated Harris to a full-on journalistic massage. At no point was Harris asked a tough question; at no point was Harris treated as anything other than an idol worthy of worship. Perhaps the most awkward manifestation of this sycophancy came when Harris — an extraordinarily and transparently manipulative and mechanical politician — spouted a canned speech about relentlessness. “I was raised to not hear no — let me be clear about it,” said Harris. “I eat no for breakfast!”



Impeach and Convict. Right Now.:  Bret Stephens, NYTimes, Jan. 6, 2021

 It wasn’t hard to see, when it began, that it would end exactly the way it has. Donald Trump is America’s willful arsonist, the man who lit the match under the fabric of our constitutional republic.

Germany and France Oppose Donald Trump’s Twitter ExileBloomberg Law, Jan. 11, 2021

Germany and France attacked Twitter Inc. and Facebook Inc. after U.S. President Donald Trump was shut off from the social media platforms, in an extension of Europe’s battle with big tech.

Greenwald slams liberals for being ‘overwhelmingly supportive’ of Big Tech ‘brute force’ against conservatives: David Rutz, Fox News, Jan. 11, 2021

Left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald panned liberals on Monday for supporting concerted Big Tech efforts to “manipulate U.S. politics” over the past three months.


AOC casts blame on Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for Capitol riot:  Mary Kay Linge, NY Post, Jan. 16, 2021

In a battle of social media superstars, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for what she said was his role in fomenting the Jan. 6 riot at Capitol Hill.


WATCH:  Big Tech Censorship: Can Freedom of Speech Be Saved? | Ron Paul | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report:  Jan. 19, 2021

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dr. Ron Paul, libertarian and former Congressman, about Big tech censorship, threats to freedom of speech, and his being caught up in the social media purge which resulted in him being temporarily censored on Facebook.


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