Sunday, October 17, 2021
Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Jack Kincler: From the Chairman

I would have loved to start this communication on a positive note, for a change, but, unfortunately, our enemies see to it that we, Jews, will not live in peace and harmony anywhere on this planet.

As I write, the war between the terrorist Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Israel is possibly coming to an end. This time, the Israeli security forces had to fight on two additional fronts – in Israel and Jerusalem, proper and the West Bank.

Israel’s impossible task is to win a decisive victory over Hamas. This is due to political pressures and media biases, and now a new dimension, Islamist antisemitism similar to Jew-hatred  witnessed in Eastern Europe and Germany before the Holocaust.

Consider the utter hypocrisy of it all. We live in a world where Assad, with the active assistance of his Russian and Iranian friends, bombed his own people to smithereens with millions displaced and tortured, hundreds of thousands dead and complete cities destroyed. The Chinese are arresting and putting into concentration camps millions of Uyghurs, for “re-education” purposes, with hardly a peep of protest from the media and the international community.  And the list goes on.

But when Israelis defend themselves from a genocidal enemy bent on destroying the Jewish state hiding behind human shields and deliberately targetting urban civilian populations, then the media discover a “conscience” – and favor the terrorists!  Politically, the ideological left overrides the weak right, and accompanied by violent anti-Israel, Islamist-driven demonstrators, isolates Israel and forces the IDF to fight with its hands tied behind its back. This blatant antisemitic behavior, with Nazi-like characteristics, is imported to the West by many Muslim immigrants.

Lest we forget, the other state actors that stir this pot of endless violence are Iran, Turkey, and Qatar. We must “thank” the Biden Administration for restoring funding to the Palestinians and for planning, as part of its return to JCOP nuclear agreement, to remove the Trump Administration Iran sanctions. Every dollar of these funds will go towards killing more Israelis or into the pockets of corrupt politicians and terrorist leaders.

Let’s pray for a cessation of hostilities and a strong and resilient Israel. To its credit, this time around Israel seems to have hit Hamas and its terrorist proxies extremely hard, destroying  much of their war infrastructure and eliminating many senior leaders. Let us hope that these accomplishments ensure that the IDF’s acclaimed deterrence long endures.

CIJR’s offices are still closed but not, hopefully, for much longer. In March, we held a well-attended webinar with Prof. Eytan Gilboa from Bar Ilan University. one of the top Israeli experts on U.S.-Israel relations. He spoke about areas of collaboration and confrontation with the new Biden Administration, and provided an overview of the Middle East geopolitical situation.  His talk is available on our significantly redesigned new website,, launched last March. We invite you to visit and explore its multiple resources at

Exciting news!  Despite the pandemic, our Thirty-Third Annual Gala will go ahead, virtually, on 27 June 2021. Remember to include this fundraiser event in your calendars–you don’t want to miss it, more information will follow.

Many thanks to Profs. Fred and Lenore Krantz, CIJR’s exceptional staff and lay leaders in Montreal and Toronto, and our Baruch Cohen Israel Internship students, for all their good work and contributions across this difficult time.

We are also grateful to our donors and supporters, without whom we couldn’t accomplish all that we do. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

With all our best wishes for good health and peace in Israel.

(Jack Kincler is Chairman of CIJR’s National Board).

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