Thursday, December 8, 2022
Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Israel Will Have to Put Out the Fire on 2 Pressing Issues


Yoav Limor

Israel Hayom, Nov. 18, 2022

“If the IDF, the Shin Bet, and Mossad brackets can’t operate freely in Judea and Samaria without fearing prosecution, they will not be able to operate in the future in Damascus and Tehran. That is exactly what Israel’s enemies wish to achieve. The administration’s investigation helps them with their goal.”


The terrorist attack at the entrance to the Ariel industrial zone is yet another example of the challenges faced by the security forces and illustrates once again Israel’s advantages and disadvantages in the war against terror, as well as the unfortunate fact that terrorist attacks are likely to continue in the future without any connection to the political identity of the government in Jerusalem.

Despite the difficult period that Israel is undergoing and the relatively high number of attacks and casualties in comparison to recent years, the IDF and the Shin Bet are the best in the world at fighting terrorism. The symbiosis between intelligence and technology on the one hand and operational capabilities at the last mile (which could ground forces, a missile fired from the air, or other means) on the other is unique in its efficiency and accuracy, and security forces from around the world come to learn from Israel’s experience and try to replicate it. Anyone that claims otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about. No one is tying anyone’s hands. If there is intelligence on an attack, we will do everything to prevent it. There is a debate over what constitutes legitimate means to prevent an attack, but it is entirely professional, not political.

The world of terrorist attacks is divided into organized terrorism and lone-wolf terrorism. The first is far more dangerous because it has a methodology and an ideology, as well as resources, financing, and weapons (from explosives to guns). The second is limited in its scope because there is a limit to the measure of damage that a lone wolf terrorist can cause, especially as for the most part they are armed with less lethal means. …SOURCE


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