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Emmet V. Tsedek


(Subject: Re: From Fox News – Biden says Hunter’s “back” after extended battle with substance abuse….

On 2021-02-07, at 5:19 PM, M.W. wrote: Disgusting. His crappy book will get published while real writers are deplatformed by newsroom rebellions. Isn’t there a US law that confiscates money earned from books and films that depict a federal crime?  M.

M.: Yes, there is, In fact there’s a set of US laws, called the Constitution, but it isn’t respected any longer. Orwell’s 1984 saw the future clearly, he was just off by a few years, Here’s what really happened–Welcome to 2024.  E.V.T. 

From Chapter One

Early in his term, President Buythem, shakily reading “Good Morning” off his handy notecard, introduced a new weekly MSDNC TV show, hosted by AOC and broadcast from the Senate rostrum. Designed as part of the general delegitimation campaign being wage against the Republicans and ex-President Domnald J. Trumpet, this featured gripping “woke-survivor” Democratic reps re-enacting emotional tales of personal victimhood, rape, pederasty and sodomy by evil white conservatives for a national FOXED-TV audience. The station itself was part of the campaign, having become an official government outlet after its original owner, Ruprecht Merde Ochs, was ousted following FBI accusations of white nationalist-insurrectionist incitement, and the Supreme Court (which has not convened since its 2021 “restructuring”) had evinced no interest in the evident Constitutional issues posed by the case.

The new progressive-socialist Administration, now deep into the woke Gangrene Nude Deal, owed a debt of thanks to the 75,000 strong Guard units (five divisions, with armor, tanks, and crew-mounted heavy machine guns) ringing Washington City and 51 other state capitols, including Puerto Rico, behind seven-foot razor-wire topped fences. There since the Day of Bloody Insurrection, the solemn annual national holiday proclaimed to commemorate the fallen of January 6, the Guard squad defended the Capitol from feared gangs of desperate, marauding populist Republicans, and protected hospitals from old people still trying desperately to get the scarce, rationed COVID vaccinations. (The dwindling supply has been further diminished by the priority given to death-row prisoners, rapists and the criminally insane, as well as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Co. at Guantànamo, aged Colombia and Mexican cartel gangsters, deserving African heads of state, and the 3 million-plus illegals being bussed into the U.S. annually by Pres. Buythem.)  

Internationally, Pres. Buythem has publically thanked Chairman Xi for having made his son, Hunted, manager of the Joint US. -American-Uyghur Co-Prosperity Region set up in Xinjiang, to assure lithium mining and joint production  of the cheap new battery-powered cars G[eely-]M is producing  for the world market. (India–whose nascent auto industry, along with much else, was destroyed by cheap US-Chinese products–has been taken to the International Court of Injustice in Pyongyang on charges of slander, for–as the media put it–making “baseless claims” that the US-Chinese consortium uses Uyghur slave labor).

Shortly after Buythem’s inauguration, when he added cow-flatulence-sourced methane gas production to mandatory adoption of state-subsidized wind and solar panels, Russia began shipping cheap Siberian natural gas though trans-oceanic pipelines to the US and Canada. US emergency zero-carbon emissions controls suppressed remaining pipelines and already-shrinking oil industries, causing the collapse of Texas’ and Alberta’s shale-oil industries. (This coincided with the prolonged “Little Ice-Age” winter of 2022, where unending blizzards and temperatures below -20 F.—wolves and polar bears roamed north American cities’ streets–combining with widespread breakdowns of “green” power sources and the unavailability of coal. oil, and natural gas, caused tens of thousands of deaths.  

Thankfully, the state media consortium ignored the oil and gas collapse. They were too busy covering Pres. Buythem’s and V.-P. Kamarilla Harass’s world unity tour, celebrating the international implementation of the UN’s 1259 Program (the BLM-produced K-12 school curriculum program, celebrating the year antisemitism was introduced into Europe by thirteenth-century Muslim traders).

In the Middle East, the Esau Accords, negotiated with Iran by Pres. Buythem and his Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkered, and Middle East Special Advisor Illhand Omy, had sparked the Arab Fall, the collapse of Sunni Muslim states, including the marginalization, impoverishment and finally the take-over of Saudi Arabia by the Houthi, the return of the Moslem Brothers in Egypt (and of Seif Khaddafi in Libya), and–after a desperate popular rising had expelled Russian troops–Syria’s final betrayal by a China-financed Hezbollah-Iran-Turkey alliance.

Now only completely isolated Israel, still led by Bebe Notinyahoo in his fifth Prime Ministership, made possible by the support of Israeli and “Palestinian” Arabs terrified by American backing of a revived PLO-dominated state, remained to resist the Esau Accords. In the wake of the Buythem “unity” foreign policy confusion, the J-Street-led American Jewish community, after having rejected the Domnald J. Trumpet-adopted broad IHRA definition of antisemitism, had triumphantly succeeded in having pro-BDS pledges imposed on all universities and colleges. Emboldened, Buythem’s Middle East trouble-shooter, John K. Heinz, playing diplomatic catch-up, called on Israel to cede Jerusalem and the Territories to the Palestinians, as a sign of goodwill and openness towards a Muslim-majority One-State solution. (So far, Notinyahoo, holed up at Kfar Trumpet in the Golan, behind an iron wall surrounded by IDF soldiers, a troop of camel-riding Bedouin fighters from Saudi Arabia, a ring of Merkava tanks and an Iron Dome missile emplacement, was rallying the nation and defiantly holding out. No one could then have suspected how central he and Israel would become in the near future).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

From Chapter Two

Canada, after the Liberals’ desperate “hail Mary” fall, 2022 election resulted in a surprise NDP victory, was for a short time, prior to The Conquest, led by a chartreuse-turbanned Jugmeat Singhed [pronounced “singed’]. His government was immediately immediately weakened, however, by the final collapse of Canada’s oil and pipeline industries and of its automobile, forestry and aluminum industries under the relentless pressure of Pres. Buythem’s Buy-America-First campaign. This led to over-whelming votes in Alberta and Quebec, greased by invocations of the restored North America Act’s “With No Standing” Clause, to become autonomous Dominions, followed, after Russia’s occupation of the Arctic, by Newfoundland/Labrador’s withdrawal from Confederation, and renewed association with Portugal soon.  

hydroelectricity (Pixabay)

Increasing American economic pressure, including new demands for access to and control of Canada’s water and hydro-electric production resources, finally provoked popular calls for resistance. In the end, however, recourse to military force (including the Canadian General Staff’s secret plan to quickly occupy Windsor and Detroit and hold them hostage as bargaining-counters in negotiations) proved unfeasible. Canada’s small and now largely binary gender- dysphoric volunteer force, riddled and weakened by repeated anti-white racism and pro-LGBLSMFT++ campaigns, proved incapable of sustained aggressive action. Despite a valiant rear-guard action on the Detroit-Windsor Bridge by an outnumbered and outgunned squad of Mounties, the inevitable American invasion in the spring of 2023 led to a quick and largely bloodless victory, 

Canadian forces were weakened by the absence of adequate equipment and personnel. (Contracts for modern jet aircraft, or for the updated 15-boat Navy, set in the early 1990s, had remained unfulfilled and plagued by projected cost over-runs. An attempt to sortie against the American fleet off Placentia Bay, Newfoundland with the two used submarines purchased from Great Britain in 1998 for $200 million, failed when it developed that they could not be floated in the dysfunctional drydocks to which they had been relegated for repair 26 years earlier. (The Army’s WWI-vintage bolt-action Enfield rifles and horse-drawn Boer War campaign 12-pounder cannons also proved useless, not least for want of proper parts and ammunition, let alone horses.)

(Canada’s demoralization, decline and incipient disintegration, presided over briefly before the Conquest by the impeccably Savile Row-suited and elegantly mustachioed PM Singhed, had not been helped by his failed attempt to impose vegetarianism on the population, the proclamation of a five-hour, four-day work week and a $100,000. Annual Guaranteed Income, or by the virtual final collapse of COVID-19 vaccination efforts (Canada on his watch, reduced to grovelling in an attempt to obtain even the new Polish swine-hair-based vaccine, had fallen to no.104 on the world national-vaccination-rate list, behind Burundi, Nepal, and Micronesia)  

Meanwhile, following the Joint Chiefs of Staffs’ support for President Buythem’s 52-state occupation, and the Executive Orders cancelling both the Electoral College and direct voting in national elections, former President Trumpet and his family and closest associates had disappeared, his whereabouts remaining in doubt. Lower echelons of the armed forces, including National Guard members, had expressed sympathy for Trumpet, especially after Pres. Buythem, supported by the Chiefs of Staff and their Chairman, Gen. Mayhem, having forbade his eventual burial in Arlington National Cemetery, had sought to cancel his American citizenship as well.

Green Berets, Navy Seals and Space Cadets were sent to scour hidden mountain ranges, coastal islands, and even the Moon and Mars Settlements (and the encampments of the 5,000 US troops still in Afghanistan, in the 21st year of the war there), in search of the self-proclaimed leader of the “MARA” (“Make America a Republic Again”) Patriot movement.

The MARA “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, with superimposed horned shaman image, and Trumpet’s clandestine broadcasts (ever media-savvy, he had taken the government by surprise and used a low-tech global satellite-broadcast radio transmitter!) pledging to return and scatter his enemies–“You’re fired!” was its opening line, directed at Buythem—rallied his supporters. His radio messaging, with its Battle Hymn of the Republic opening musical theme, popped up regularly, often breaking into Buythem’s “From My Basement” fireside chats, despite the best electronic blocking efforts of TRAIF (the Twitter-Ribbet-Amazon-Instagram-Facebook priate-government censorship consortium) and its Chairman, the monocled dwarf Geoff Beesoaths.

After Domnald J. Trumpet went into forced hiding, a pro-Trumpet nautical militia, the Prowed Buoys, including real trained killer seals, had formed, and united with the Valley Forge Boys infantry regiments. Push had quickly come to shove, and following initial, disorganized and indecisive skirmishes at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Stone Mountain in Georgia, and Mount Rushmore in North Dakota, the tide began to turn with the Prowed Buoys’ MARA naval victory at Fort Sumter, off the Charleston, SC harbor, (where a reborn nation’s new anthem, the New-Fangled Banner, was first sung) and the Valley Forge Boys  triumph, with the help of indigenous forces, at the Little Big Horn, in Montana. 

(Rumors penetrating the Buythem Administration media blackout indicated that, by the winter of 2022, following Buythem’s setting aside of the disputed Congressional elections, the by-now large and well-equipped MARA land force, spearheaded by a crack Army Ranger battalion of deserters from Fort Schiff (formerly Fort Bragg), was on the offensive. Under the leadership of General Robin Eely, the West Point Commander who had come over to the rebel Trumpet forces, and reinforced with Legionaries sent by Pres. Maccaron of France,   invoking Lafayette, and Hessian reservists loaned by  Angular Murky, German Chancellor (she and Macron had come to despise the weak Buythem, blaming him for caving in to the China-Russia-Iran-Turkey-Pyongyang Axis, and fearing the accession of he woke socialist, Kamarilla Harass). This New Model Army, buffalo-horned standards flying and fifes and bagpipes shrilly calling patriots to arms, was said to be massing in the vicinity of the Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg, in preparation for a march on Washington City-State [formerly DC].

A rush of popular support for Trumpet’s MARA political program had emerged, drawing upon the 80 million people who voted for him in the suppressed 2022 Congressional elections, unbowed despite the Buythem Administration’s desperate attempts to suppress them by branding as supposed “white racist-insurrectionists”. (An odd, given the Trumpet Patriot movement’s   remarkable support—almost 40% of total votes cast– \in the 2022 election were from black, Hispanic and Indigenous people).  

As the long-predicted “V”-shaped economic recovery failed to materialize, despite Buythem’s $2 trillion giveaways, and unemployment and inflation steadily rose, disaffection spread, fed by increasing concern over continuing economic decline, non-availability of COVID vaccine, rising prices, and massive illegal immigration. Disaffection was also fueled by growing disappointment with Pres. Buythem’s rule-by-executive order (a total of over 274 proclamations would be issued before The Collapse, as Congress, after Christmas break, 2021, had never again been reconvened. 

(Americans, more aware after the Conquest of northern precedents, and Canadian studies afficionados, said Buythem was taking a cue from Canada’s failed P.M., Justin Truedough, who had ruled without Parliament [or budgets] for years before his unexpected electoral defeat). Public disaffection and growing sympathy and support for Trumpet, which saw more and more states joining the anti-Buythem Freedom Coalition, was also fed by growing fear of an invasion by the China-Russia-Iran-Turkey-Pyongyang Axis, especially after Teheran, freed from constraints by the renegotiated Joint Comprehensive Plan of Inaction, exploded its first thermonuclear device in the Iranian desert plateau in 2022.

(The public was also riled by the rumoured discovery of progressive-socialist darling V-P Kamarilla Harass’s secret plot to sideline and supplant Pres. Buythem by sabotaging his hearing aids and tele-prompter, and having his notecards written in disappearing ink. She also engineered the drowning out of his domestic fireside chats with bird and flatulence noises [the later falsely attributed to conservative saboteurs], and the substitution of her own partisan sign-language translator to sabotage the signing of Buythem’s remarks—which, ironically, only further undercut confidence in the “unity” government,despite TRAIF’s attempt to implement a complete media blackout to hide Harass’s harassment.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .  .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

From Chapter Five

The rumble of artillery and rockets, and the shrieking jet-roar of attack planes and explosions in and round Gettysburg, shook the ground and could be hard as far away as Georgetown. The Pennsylvania battle, which would prove decisive, was the culmination of months of fevered crisis and desperate preparation, following the outbreak of hostilities on the eve of thr 2024 Presidential election.

Weeks before, General Mayhem, commander of the government’s DIE (Diversity-Inclusion-Equity) Army, had reviewed the large combined armed force organized to defend Washington City-State and President Buythem’s government. It had marched, bands playing and banners flying, tanks and armored personnel carriers rumbling by, past the White House reviewing-stand on its way south towards Gettysburg, where Trumpet’s Patriot force was massed, preparing for a march on the Capitol.

General Mayhem, in President Buythem and his Cabinet’s presence, had addressed the troops in front of the White House: “Ze, the future of our country is in your hands. Everything will turn on this decisive battle against the Orangeman and his white racists defenders of the outmoded Constitution, of egocentric individualism, illusory equality, sex versus gender and proper grammar. Give no quarter, let us together wipe out this infamy once and for all!” (Col. dLong Dong Ding, China’s military observer seconded to the Mayhem force, noticed uneasily the absence of emotion, and feeling in the assembled troops, who fidgeted nervously as the General spoke. In his diary, which surfaced many years after the Gettysburg rout, he described his unease at the absence of spirit and the reek of marijuana smoke which filled the air, as the lethargic infantrymen slouched by, marching slowly and out of synch, heads turned away from the reviewing stand.

(And, in what some saw as a bad omen, the driver of one of the Abrams tanks rolling by, an unskilled or possibly stoned recruit, lost control and swerved suddenly into the stand, crushing key members of the DIE Force’s General Staff under its churning treads.)

Outside Gettysburg, General Robin Eley and his adjutants moved slowly in their white Jeep with the five-star hood emblem among his encamped men. He had had confirmation of the approach of Mayhem’s forces and moved to bolster his men’s spirits on the eve of the coming battle. A student of the great German military theoretician von Closedwits, he was committed to the Prussian’s Great Battle vision: Marshall all your forces and energy, and engage the enemy in one great, decisive battle, committing everything you’ve got. Utterly crush him, and you will inherit and control the State and resources that made the enemy, and his army, possible. 

He had discussed this strategy with the MARA leader, Domnald J. Trumpet (on closed-circuit TV—even he, Eley, did not know where, exactly, the ex-President was), who was fixated on French military offensive strategy, repeating endlessly “L’audace, toujours l’audace!”. Trumpet, more confident of victory than Eley, had already prepared his victory speech; Eley, more cautious, had prepared two orations, one in praise of his men’s valor in victory, one accepting his personal responsibility for defeat.

Trumpet’s speech began “Less than a score of years ago, I began my campaign to become President of this great nation, pledged to make it great again”, and went on to detail his lightening rise to electoral victory in 2016, and his “supposed defeat in 2020, when as we say in Queens, ‘We wuz robbed!’.  But with faith in the people, we are back, and given no alternative, we have triumphed by force of arms over unspeakable evil.  Mankind will long remember and rejoice in our valiant victory, and our success in making America a Republic again. With malice towards only one, Buythem, and charity to all the deserving, long may our beloved Constitution and Country live!”

As General and President spoke, and prepared their speeches, the great, decisive Second Battle of Gettysburg began to unfold. As over 160 years before,

The fate not only of America, but of the world, hung in the balance.  Mayhem’s strategy was to divide the Patriot army in two, cutting half off within the town, surrounding it and then, in a great pincers movement, surrounding and crushing the other half strung out among the surrounding hills and dales. He would hurl the bulk of his armored troops at the central fortified point of Cemetery Hill just outside town, assigning the New York Regiment’s Col. Pickett to lead the charge.  

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   

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