Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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Actions Speak Louder than Chants

Douglas Altabef
Israel National News, Feb 26, 2023

It is this take no prisoners attitude that makes the protesters’ professed obsession with the preservation of a liberal democracy seem like an Orwellian projection.”
One need not be a film director nor a dance choreographer to notice that the wave of protests against proposed judicial reform has a very orchestrated, staged and anything but spontaneous appearance to it.

We know that there has been massive financing, largely by American Leftist interests, who have sought to transplant a model of “resistance” to our shores, with more than a small whiff of the looming, lurking Antifa-like threatening behavior that has come to mark Leftist “mostly peaceful” protests in the United States.

In case there are those who think, no that can’t happen here, a recent event should perhaps prompt a reassessment.

Early this past Sunday morning it was discovered that a large banner supporting judicial reform hanging on a building and facing the Ayalon Freeway in Tel Aviv had been defaced. This was a planned and intricate operation, requiring ladders, paint and, above all, the willingness to do it

Visible and widespread efforts to support judicial reform have been relatively few, and have paled in comparison to the efforts to denigrate any attempt at reform. The millions who voted for the present government knew the reform was planned and have no reason to go out to the streets,

Nevertheless, in what must be seen as an eye opening act, the mere presence of advocacy for reform was deemed to be unacceptable and intolerable. The idea that a dissenting voice from the protest movement could not be abided shines a light and provides an important perspective on the protests themselves.
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